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3 challenges facing the real estate market in Tangier

BIG's vision is to change the housing experience in tangier for our clients. That is because we noticed the fundamental issues that exist in the tangier real estate market, which damages the clients' experience and leaves the customers feeling satisfied and confused about the process. the top three issues in the real estate market here in tangier are the following:

  1. Lack of professionalism & transparency:

  • Everyone is an agent and no one is an agent

  • Poor regulation for real estate transactions

  • No comprehensive online listing system

  • Limited public information on the status and history of properties

2. Low-quality service:

  • Aggressive sales tactics are common practice

  • Quick, easy deals rather than serving the customer

  • Commission focused rather than customer focused

3. Unclear processes:

  • Financing and tax declaration can be complex

  • Too many hands in the pot

  • Ensuring clean title and paperwork can be difficult

Written by Robert Cotten, Founder of BIG

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