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Our story


Robert's Story:
the founder and lead agent of BIG 

Harmony and hospitality are values that can be traced back to my small town, Texas roots. My extended family gathered every Sunday after church for a homecooked meal prepared by my grandmother.


This environment impacted me greatly and helps explain why I take the time to truly listen and care so deeply about people feeling at home. My liberal arts degree from a private Christian school in Arkansas did not carve a direct path towards a hospitality career, but the experience did afford me a study abroad trip to Morocco, Africa that opened my mind to the possibility of doing meaningful work in a rapidly developing marketplace with a promising future.


After graduating, I began working in the hospitality sector within a few years at a small but growing corporate housing company in the booming economy and tech hub of Austin, TX. It didn't take long to realize that I was good at making people feel at home, even when they were in transition.  

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 After nearly 10 years of practical work experience in various roles, servicing Fortune 500 companies and managing multimillion summer programs with over 500 team members across 300 locations across multiple major US markets, I transitioned with my family to Tangier in the fall of 2019 with plans to launch BIG in the summer of 2020.


While the global pandemic delayed plans, it granted my family and my precious time together to adjust to our new home and learn the local language.


Embracing Morocco can be both rewarding and challenging, and I look forward to helping it feel more at home for everyone along the way.

Our vision is to change the housing experience in tangier for our clients. That is because we noticed the fundamental issues that exist in the real estate market here in tangier, which leave customers feeling unsatisfied and confused about the process.

At BIG we want to change that, we want to make you feel heard, understood, and well taken care of.

Our Values

We listen to your needs and care about solving your problems

Our Services

Relocation services


Property Management

Corporate housing



Robert Cotton
Founder & Manager

Youssra Zekri
Marketing Manager

Abdellah Abboudi
Sales & Marketing Agent

Moncef Passani
Field Agent

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